Digital Work

I though that I could start off by uploading some videos I have made from before. All of them are recorded in Sweden and uses two different methods, normal filming & stop-motion.

1. The most recent one is a ping pong trick shot video which is filmed with a Canon 550D.

2. Before this one we had a project in school to create a film with a theme, our theme was environmental destruction and how this can be improved.

– First chapter is about how we act now.

– Second chapter shows what this could lead to.

– Third chapter shows what we should improve.

– And the final chapter shows a much better future.

3. Me and my friend, Simon, got the technique for the video above from creating a stop motion on our spare time and this is what we came up with.

4. What made me interested in making videos was my competitive sense and I have a tendency to never give up, the top movie was an improvement of this movie.


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