Been a while since blogging, apologise for that. The facebook idea has been scrapped since we couldn’t get the information on time so what me and Tim are focusing on now is movement in the city, where it is busy etc to optimise routes to and from places. Yesterday we were filming at the junction of North Bridge and Princes Street from 630am-930am, 12-2 & 4-6 to analyse how busy it was. It was very cold but so worth it, looks really good now that it’s being edited. We’re hopefully gonna have time to shoot one more on High Street to have something to compare. Next step is to take an AutoCAD map and show the movement through expanding and decreasing the width of the streets, if it’s busy its a very thin street because you have no room to walk and if it’s an empty street it’s gonna be all blown up because you have a lot of room for walking. The plan and the video will be synced and shown next to each other in a proposition for an iPhone/Android map.


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