Final Reflection of Digital Media vs Real Time

Digital media versus real time is what Tim & I chose to focus on, how to represent something in two different ways. How could this be done and why would we do it? Being able to understand something does most often mean that you need more than one point of view. We therefore chose to use one of the most used tools out there, maps. They are frequently used but we decided to perfect them, to make an app that shows them in plan and in section. This is not all though, Edinburgh is a busy city and people are always on the move to different places, that means the shortest route is not always the fastest. If a street is busy it takes longer getting to a point than if it is clear. So we thought we could provide the opportunity to view this recorded section in an expanding and contracting plan. When it is busy, the streets will narrow to naturally showing a congested area and when there is no people it will be extracted to easily being able to see what route to choose for your final destination.

The place we started filming on is the junction between North Bridge and Princess Street because the traffic here is very dependent on what time of the day it is. People are going to work in the morning which makes it very busy, the lunch rush is also busy and so is it when they leave work. Between these times it is a lot more quiet which is shown in our presentation video.

One Wednesday we decided to do all the filming, so we woke up at 5am to go there and start. First time period was between 6.30am and 9am, second at 11.30am-2pm and the last one at 4.30pm to 7pm. This gave us a total of 7.5h film which we later sped up to make a time laps. Not only did we get the films but also we saw everything with our owns eyes which meant we had that different media I wrote about in the beginning, it made everything a bit easier because we did not have to analyze the films in normal speed, instead we made them 300 times faster and it made it easier for later creating the moving plans.

The plan process was the part that demanded the most background work. We did calculations for how many plans we needed according to the frames per second usage, how busy it was on a scale from 1-5, how many meters the would change per photo and when they should actually extract or contract. The results we got were:

10 frames per seconds means 140 photos per 20 second clip (10 minutes in real life).
The busyness scale was as low as 2 but normally stayed at 4-5.
The plans would change 86mm per photo.
Then the extracting/contracting part was different per video but would change about 5 times per clip.

After having all of these the making of the plans started, it took its time but we were very happy with the result. The video was then put together using a stop motion technique in Premiere Pro to have moving photos. At last we created a split screen effect to link up the digital media with the real time. The plan view will accurately display the busyness of the junction and clearly show to the user when the location is congested or not, making it easier to locate and get to the point on time without having to stress because of other people.

Our final thought went to creating an iPhone application out of this so we made a design of it using photoshop. The plan was to look into future things we could develop it into which made us realize that this would actually work as an application and that probably a lot of people would like to use it. It would would live streamed instead of recorded videos so that you could actually track the traffic whilst you walk and get a real sense of what is going on than having a video that tells you what it usually is like. Since everything had to do with simplicity, the application was also created to look very simplistic but with information about everything if you needed it, just a click away. With a black background it was easier to see our plan so moved forward from this thought and made everything black with white text, also adding effects if you tilt the phone etc. Quick information about all the pages:

App Store
– £4.99
– Easy to find
– T&O Inc (Tim & Oscar Incorporate)
– Category: Navigation
– Updates frequently

Loading Page
– Name of the app
– Creators
– Small sample
– Simple layout
– Straight to main menu

– Easy access
– Premium option
– Themes
– Contact information
– Live update feed

Whilst Tilted
– Split screen
– Individual full screen
– Live stream
– Simple layout
– Menu navigation

Site Information
– Scale for busyness
– Alternative routes
– Time & Date
– Live feed option
– Updates frequently

Busy Scale
– Scale understandings
– Easy access from screens
– Tap to return
– Updated if needed

As you see it has a lot to do with simplicity and accessibility, how often it updates, how you get from one page to another etc. This makes it very user friendly which is exactly what we want it to be.

As an analysis of this I must say the process of creating this will help us in further work as well since it gave us an insight of how to represent with different medias and basically how to assist one with another. We noticed how people are using spaces and not really caring about what is around them but more about how few steps they have to take to get to their chosen destination and this is exactly what we wanted to change. Since we focused on planning this will also be with me further ahead. How to make it accessible easier, not only think of the short route, and who knows, if there is time and money in the future we might make this into a real application since we see the potential it has got and how people could need one of these applications without knowing it.

The final video is here:

Photos from the filming

The application in tilted mode


Happy New Year – Bring on 2012!

A very good video about what happened during 2011!

Presentation Video!

Sorry for changed volume etc in voices, something happened when I exported it, tried a lot of different options but just wouldn’t work.

Final Touches

Doing the final touches of our video now, looks really good! Exporting soon, upload to youtube, burn on a cd then christmas dinner with architecture 🙂


A small sample of our project! Also our CD Cover.

AutoCAD Madness

In the middle of making the 600 AutoCAD plans, offsetting etc to create a flow in our plans. 100 are done, some has been photoshopped but none are in Premiere Pro yet, getting there though 🙂

Starting for real!

This is the day the project starts for real, I have been analysing the videos to see how busy it was at certain times of the day, put it to scale 1-5. Tomorrow we will start offsetting AutoCAD files to create a stop motion out of them. Timetable has been sorted and we’re on schedule 🙂



Been a while since blogging, apologise for that. The facebook idea has been scrapped since we couldn’t get the information on time so what me and Tim are focusing on now is movement in the city, where it is busy etc to optimise routes to and from places. Yesterday we were filming at the junction of North Bridge and Princes Street from 630am-930am, 12-2 & 4-6 to analyse how busy it was. It was very cold but so worth it, looks really good now that it’s being edited. We’re hopefully gonna have time to shoot one more on High Street to have something to compare. Next step is to take an AutoCAD map and show the movement through expanding and decreasing the width of the streets, if it’s busy its a very thin street because you have no room to walk and if it’s an empty street it’s gonna be all blown up because you have a lot of room for walking. The plan and the video will be synced and shown next to each other in a proposition for an iPhone/Android map.